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We have been a leader on the market on gluten-free and low-protein food products for more than a decade. It is our mission to ensure the safety and quality of our products by constantly improving and extending our offer, based on the changing needs of the consumers. Our manufacturing plant is dedicated to the manufacture of gluten-free products, and our employees are qualified specialists. We also pay a lot of attention to logistics and timely deliveries. In order to guarantee the highest level of safety of our products, we have introduced the following international quality control and food safety standards BRC Food v.7 and IFS v.6. Our products are currently present in 28 countries, not only in Europe and the Middle East, but also in remote locations such as Saudi Arabia, USA, Australia, Morocco or Algeria. The brand range includes various products necessary for the proper observance of the gluten-free and low-protein diets breads, rolls, flours and concentrates, pasta, sweets, cakes and cupcakes, soups, sauces, seasoning and many more. Our products are dedicated to persons who are on the gluten-free and low-protein diets. Our offer also includes egg-free, milk-free, soya-free products and products with no added sugar.

Products of the BEZGLUTEN brand should not be missing in your offer!!


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