Corporacion Alimentaria Sanae

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“Sanae is a Spanish food company, specializing in ready meals naturally produced and suitable for coeliac and people with food intolerances.

Menu Sanae product line includes more than 50 gluten free, egg-free, dairy free, recipes in a single course format (320 g) targeting people with food intolerances.

Long shelf life products, with no refrigeration requirements (ambient food), Sanae products ensure a natural ingredients (no additives, no chemicals) based diet, combined with the advantages of convenient food.

In addition, the Sanae System product line offers a collection of healthy ready meals targeted at diet conscious consumers. Related to the concept of food substitutes, and based on a 1.100 kcal diet, each of the recipes replaces a full meal. Sanae System is a new weight loss method, that ensures a healthy and balanced diet, in a ready to eat format. All dishes are low in saturated fat and salt and suitable for people with food intolerances.”


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