Elan Vital Food and Beverages

Exhibitor Free From

At Elan Vital, we believe Gluten Free does not mean compromising on taste or health. While most brands simply replace the allergy-causing ingredient with an alternative, we pack our products with selective nutritious ingredients, ensuring health at the great taste!
Our Gluten free cookies are free from Gluten, Artifical colors & preservatives, Milk, eggs, nuts, refined oils, binding agents like Xanthan gum and Guar gum and Trans Fat.
Elan Vital is the Gluten Free arm of RICHLITE (www.richlite.in) biscuits, in operation since 2013, it has a production capacity of 36000 metric-tonnes-per-annum of biscuits and an additional 1800 metric-tonnes-per-annum of Cookies.


Free From Functional Food Ingredients Exhibition