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Elite Naturel

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Since 1998, we have been growing organic products in our own gardens with the aim of sustainability, traceability, flexibility and low cost. We bring our organic and traceable seeds together with clean and fertile soils without pesticides, and work for healthy production. While doing this, we carefully collect our fruits and vegetables from our fields with more than 8200 contracted and trained farmers, whom we support with fair wages and a harvest guarantee every year, within the scope of fair trade. We process our collected products in our processing facilities and pack them safely. After completing the clean journey of our fruits and vegetables, which we do not add chemicals or additives, from the field to the final product, we present them to our valued customers and business partners.

The value we attach to human and environmental health; It has encouraged us to produce 100% organic fruit and vegetable juices as well as healthy snacks and deliver them to consumers around the world. Together with our farmers who do their job with love, we process our completely natural fruits and vegetables with cold-pressed technique and produce organic products.


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