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Gaļas nams – Ādaži SIA

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Great tasting plant based products, that can be used in different ways- as a meat substitute, as a part of your meal or to expand your menu.

"V-EGO" products are suitable for vegans, vegetarians or during fasting and are a delicious alternative to meat products! Many of the products are soy-free and  are  high in protein derived from legumes, wheat and rice.

Currently, our assortment includes ready-to-use products (cooked and smoked sausages; frankfurters, nuggets), vegetable products (cutlets with beetroots and carrots). We also have a specialty vegan burger with great taste and texture!  Our vegan burger is lactose-free, easy to prepare, and high in protein.

Regardless of why you choose vegan products - a healthy diet, to reduce meat consumption or minimize environmental impact: "V-EGO" products are designed for everyone to enjoy!


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