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Thanks to GRANO's extensive offer you can discover new flavors of healthy cuisine every day! Thanks to our products you will supplement the deficiencies of vitamins, micro- and macroelements and easily prevent food shortages.By switching to a gluten-free diet, we lose most of our groats, pasta and other products based on cereal grains. Analysis show that a number of naturally gluten-free products are re-contaminated with gluten. Constant control and reading labels significantly lengthen the duration of your purchases - in the GRANO store you have a 100% guarantee on the gluten-freeness of each product, which is confirmed by the licensed sign of the clean ear. Our flour is also rich in fiber responsible for proper digestion and sebaceous gut routine. During the consumption of GRANO flour products regeneration of the small intestinal villi, which greatly improves the absorption of nutrients. In addition, GRANO products are 100% natural, without dyes, flavor improvers or preservatives. Choose healthy - choose GRANO.

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