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Hikari Foods Co., Ltd.

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Founded in 1946 and based in Tokushima, Japan, Hikari Foods is a manufacturer of organic/natural/non-GMO foods which do not use artificial additives such as MSG, preservatives, flavorings, colorings, HFCS, yeast extracts, etc.

Through our journey, our enthusiasm expanded to environmental preservation, in addition to production of "safe and tasty" foods. Our current Kamiita Factory built in February, 2000 installed facilities such as eco-friendly gas boilers, gas air conditioners, solar power generation system, sprinklers that reuse water, a latest drainage treatment facility, a compost yard that reduces the quantity of waste.


In February 2020, we acquired FSSC22000The manufacture of sterilized seasonings including sauces, processed tomato products and concentrated fruit juice beverages in gless bottles, plastic bottles and cans.. In addition to the existing production system based on HACCAP, we will produce safe food further by taking visible food safety measures in line with.


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