Join the Innovation Tours at Free From Functional Food Expo!

Explore the show by booking a guided tour highlighting the most innovative free from and functional food products! That’s a very efficient way of visiting our show and hear innovative stories about new products and takes just one hour of your time!

How does it work?

A host will welcome you at the entrance area. With a group of maximum 15 people we will visit 6 exhibitors with innovations. Each of you will wear a wireless audio headset and we make our tour along the participating exhibitors at the exhibition. Each of them will welcome you and give you a short presentation on his product and after 6-8 minutes we move on to the second exhibitor etc. All exhibitors will be listed in a leaflet that is handed out and they will offer you their information pack. Within one hour we return to the entrance desk, you will return the headset and your continue to visit the show or take part in the conference program.

Four different tours:

Tour A: Free From Food Tour
Tour B: Ingredients Tour
Tour C: Lactose free/ Dairy Free Tour
Tour D: Functional Food Tour
The list of exhibitors that take part in these tours will appear in March 2018!

Practical information:

Registration is needed, see below
Duration of the tour: max. 60 minutes
Start of the tour: at the tour desk located in the entrance area
Number of exhibitors in the tour: 6/7

Timing of the tours:

10.30, 12.00, 14.00 and 16.00

You can be the visitor that is part of this innovation tour! For more information and registration, please contact: and write your preferred tour, day and your motivation. As the number of visitors participating is limited, we might need to make a selection. We will inform you by mail no later than one week in advance.

There is no charge, but once registered and confirmed we count on your attendance!

This tour is organised and coordinated by:
Christie de Vrij, owner of Building on Events

Explore the show by booking a guided tour highlighting the most innovative free from and functional food products.

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Prebooking form

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