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What’s the link between capsules and free-from?

Can you describe Lonza?

Lonza is an integrated solutions provider that creates value along the healthcare continuum, providing a healthier lifestyle through its pharmaceutical and specialty ingredients businesses including food supplements.

What division is exhibiting at the FFF Expo?

Lonza Consumer Health and Nutrition, which among other activities provides industry-leading capsule technologies to create innovative solutions for consumer health and nutrition companies. Capsules are continually growing in importance, surpassing tablets as primary dosage form for food supplements.

What’s the link between capsules and free-from?

Plant-based, clean-label dosage forms are a vital component to support claims on supplement labels and ultimately meet consumer preferences for more-natural products. The demand for food supplements continues to grow, and consumers are becoming increasingly interested in the quality and origin of their food supplements, which in turn is increasing the demand for animal-free or vegetarian supplements. Consumer surveys indicate that when choosing a supplement, 4 out of 5 consumers need to know the source of ingredients; 46% want the vegetarian option; and 34% are looking for gluten-free. Of course, for a product to be vegan or organic certified, it’s not just the ingredients that have to be Clean Label but the complete, finished product, which includes the capsule in which the supplement is administered. Historically, capsules were manufactured from animal sources such as gelatine, but of course these do not meet the requirements of vegans at all.

What are Lonza’s vegetarian capsules made from?

Vegetarian ingredients such as hypromellose, pine-derived plant cellulose or fermented tapioca. Manufacturers of food supplements using our capsules can then proceed towards vegan or other Clean Label certification. We also offer capsules designed to help protect sensitive ingredients, such as probiotics, from stomach acid, as well as to provide taste and odour masking and to reduce bad aftertastes. Moreover, we offer capsules in a variety of vibrant, Clean Label colours, removing the need to use E-numbers. This is important as 7 out of 10 consumers seek food supplements with no artificial colouring.

What will you be exhibiting at the FFF Expo?

Samples of our large and continually growing portfolio of vegetarian capsules, including free-from capsules, now even coloured. We look forward to talking with anyone who wants to understand how natural, vegetarian capsules can address the needs of vegan consumers – and put this into practice.  

Lonza, Stephane Vouche, Marketing Director

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