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At Kabioca, coffee is sacred. We drink a lot of it, and above all, we want it to be good. What brings us together is our desire to enjoy an organic product, in a responsible way that is respectful of the environment.

It is by combining our passion for coffee and our commitment to the environment that we created KABIOCA, seeking to answer the following question together:

How to reconcile passion for good coffee and protection of the planet?

Every year, more than 40 000 tons of coffee capsules are discarded worldwide, the equivalent of four Eiffel towers per year, daunting figures against the challenge of zero waste!

Faced with such an environmental issue, we have embarked on this project of a coffee that meets everyone of our expectations , an outstanding organic coffee, that performs consistently, and eco-responsible.

KABIOCA is the expression of our values: a coffee from organic farming, worked with all the know-how of our master roasters in Italy. Its capsule is composed only of natural materials, allowing to decompose in 3 months in industrial compost. Not only ecological, it also guarantees a 100% hermeticity . This preserves the depth of the expresso experience added to a healthy product in a healthy capsule.

In addition, we want it to be accessible because Quality must not necessarily rhyme with high price.

Finally, KABIOCA does not only offer a very good coffee, but also an alternative for tomorrow. These are the answers that we want to share with you thanks to our range of capsules, because together we can find responsible consumption alternatives and build a future respectful of our planet!

KABIOCA, it's all the pleasure of an Italian coffee, organic and without ecological impact.


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