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Our company started in 2017 in the village of Saqobo, Signagi, Georgia. Today our selling line is in a leading shop chains in Georgia such as Carrefour or Goodwill and other shops. We are constantly trying the increase the quality and find new markets.

Churchkhela is the unique Georgian traditional candy. Walnuts or hazelnuts stringed on the rope is dipped in a flour thickened concentrated grape juce, that needs about 1-2 hours to boil. Different varieties of grapes can be used to make churchkhela. Wheat flour is used in eastern Georgia to thicken the concentrated grape juce and its called tatara, and the corn flour is used in the western Georgia and its called felamushi. Churchkhela is high calorific candy and expiration is 8-10 months. It is a popular candy for the new year or other celebrations.


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