The show covers many Pavilions and offers a collection of exhibitors with great products:

Start - Up Pavilion – USA Pavilion – OTA Pavilion - Denmark Pavilion – Finland Pavilion – Korea Pavilion – Seaweed Pavilion – TPC Protein Cluster Pavilion – V-Label Pavilion - Innovation Pavilion – Free From Food Awards Pavilion.

Please find below a total overview of all the Pavilions at the show:
USA Pavilion – stand number: D02 - LOGO USDA – USA vlag
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OTA Pavilion – stand number: F17 - Logo OTA – USA vlag
Organised by the Organic Trade Association.

The connected community of organic innovators and pioneers. Their path forward is organic.
As the membership-based business association for organic agriculture and products in North America, they are the leading voice for the organic trade in the United States, representing over 9,500 organic businesses across 50 states. Meet them at pavilion F17

Denmark Pavilion – stand number: D80 – logo agent - vlag Denmark
The Denmark Pavilion presents the following Exhibitors:

Korean Pavilion – stand number: D40 - logo - vlag Korea The Korean Pavilion presents the following Exhibitors:

Finland Pavilion – stand number: C32 - logo FinPro – vlag Finland
The Finland Pavilion presents the following Exhibitors:

V-Label Pavilion – stand number: B48 – logo – vlag NL
The demand for vegan food is becoming more and more significant. In this pavilion you can meet the progressive companies in the field of vegan. Be part of the plant-based revolution which is so topical now! Meet them at B48

TPC Pavilion – stand number: B15 – logo – vlag NL

The Protein Cluster (TPC) is the first global platform for ingredient suppliers, food manufacturers, retailers, caterers and other stakeholders seeking ready to use plant-based, vegan or vegetarian solutions. Enabling them to expand their business and meet changing consumer demands towards a healthier and more sustainable diet using more plant-based products. Meet them at B15
Seaweed Pavilion – stand number: E34

Seaweed makes a concrete contribution to a healthy diet and -lifestyle, which is increasingly gaining the upper hand, which now is so important.
Meet the innovative companies, worldwide, at this pavilion E34.
Free From Food Awards Pavilion – stand number: A03 – logo – vlag UK

Start-up pavilion – stand number: D103
At this pavilion you get the highlights of innovative new companies and their products
These international start-ups will show you that they are responding to the market and the demand for new, free from and healthier products. Discover them at D103
Naam Exhibitor – etc

Innovation Pavilion – stand number: A04

At this pavilion you will find the most innovative products of the year which our exhibitors have developed. There are various categories such as:
• The Best New Brand
• The Product of the Year
• The Lifetime Achievement
An expert jury will choose the winner per category.
Visit the pavilion at A04

Free From Functional & Health Ingredients Exhibition