El Caserio de Tafalla

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Since 1964, EL CASERÍO manufactures sweets always using the best and natural raw materials, in combination with our QUALITY, INNOVATION and EXCELLENCE values.

In recent years, our company has taken a step forward, towards tolerant candies:

BIO-Candies are VEGAN and ORGANIC, lactose-free, gluten-free, OGM-free and made with ingredients that are all 100% healthy and from organic production.

BE4 candies are free of gluten, lactose, palm oil, OGM, and sugar; with natural flavouring and colouring, vitamin C and Healthiest Superfoods, which are recommended in healthy diets.

LIGHTS are delicious NO-ADDED sugar candies.

They are all very tasty and suitable for everyone!



Free From Functional Food Ingredients Exhibition