Hammermühle GmbH

Exhibitor Free From

HAMMERMUEHLE is a pioneer on the German gluten free market.
Hammermuehle is IFS certified and all products are being tested in our own laboratory.
We can offer a wide assortment from

  • flour, baking mixes, bread,
  • breakfast cereals to
  • biscuits wafers and sweet pastries

All gluten free products are available in  
  • gluten free or gluten free organic
  • brand or private label.

For the OAT RANGE with e.g. bread, muesli, crunchy muesli, porridge and biscuits we have introduced a new fruit porridge and

for HAMMERMUEHLE ORGANIC two VEGAN protein mueslis, rich in fibre and without added sugar.

Free From Functional Food Ingredients Exhibition