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What important new trends do you expect to see impacting the gluten-free sector?

Based in the Spanish town of Terrassa, just to the north of Barcelona, Proceli was established in 1997 with the specific aim of providing a wide range of top-quality gluten-free products. Since then the company has grown to become a benchmark for research in the gluten-free sector. Their efforts for the use of innovative technology have been recognised with a series of awards and certifications.


How is business going for Proceli?

“Very well. In 2018 we constructed an additional 2,000 square metres of factory space, taking the area dedicated exclusively to gluten-free manufacturing to 6,000 square metres.”


How do you strive to make Proceli products stand out in the marketplace?

“By constantly seeking to improve the (already excellent!) taste of our products. One of the ways we do is through our rigorous selection process that ensures we use only the best raw materials and natural, gluten-free ingredients. In addition, Proceli has more than 20 years of experience, so we believe we know the preferences of our consumers and we work hard to meet their needs in every way possible.”


What important new trends do you expect to see impacting the gluten-free sector?

“The challenge is always to improve gluten-free recipes and the flavour and taste of gluten-free products so that they become ever closer to regular products and recipes made with gluten. Many Proceli products have already attained this level of flavour and taste. They are traditionally made, using a gradual fermentation process and a slow baking process that brings out all their inherent flavours.”


Why are you attending the FFF exhibition in Barcelona, and what new products are you showing?

“For a start, it’s just down the road from us so it’s easy to get there! The FFF Expo is an excellent opportunity for us to display our new products, discover new customers and build even closer relationships with our existing client base. We will be proudly displaying our Rustik Bread range of baguettes and ciabatta. What’s special about these breads is that they are suitable to be used in a toaster and are ready to eat in just three minutes. And, of course, they taste delicious!”

Proceli Europe, Joan Turull, CEO

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