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Lofoten Blue Harvest

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Lofoten is one of Norway's most famous areas and carries a rich tradition in aquaculture and fishing. The dramatic landscape with steep mountains that rise straight up from the sea several hundred hundred meters above sea level, and fjords that separate them with deep cuts make Lofoten an adventure-like and magical place. Hundreds of thousands of tourists find their way to Lofoten every year, whether it is to experience wild Arctic nature, sparkling winter nights with fantastic northern lights, cod fishing or enjoy a beer in the midnight sun. Visitors to Lofoten can also enjoy some of the world's best seafood. Lofoten can in every way be called a food dish with both great breadth and size in the production of food products from fisheries and fish farms to the many small farms with niche production in meat and dairy. Many of these are world class, and exports to the best restaurants and shops across the globe. These are some of the things that give Lofoten the unique feel that both tourists and locals know to appreciate.

 Kelp is a newcomer to aquaculture, not only in Lofoten, but in Norway. Traditionally, wild-harvested kelp has been used for potash or animal feed, but people have also eaten seaweed and kelp for a long time. The Vikings collected mud and took it on the boats on longer trips. Lofoten Blue Harvest is therefore completely at home among the other industries within fishing and aquaculture. Here there are many companies with great expertise in aquaculture and production, and skilled people and good equipment are never far away.


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