Vegan Food at Free From (Meat)

Vegan Food is one of the fastest growing Free From Categories at the Exhibition due to increasing consumer demand for Vegan at the Retail Shelves. The Vegan revolution is getting more and more attention in the mainstream retail channels. Almost 40% of all Free From Food exhibitors are even Vegan Food producers or traders. Vegan Food at FFF2019 is attracting European Vegan Category Buyers and that will only grow faster the upcoming editions.

Vegan Food one of the fastest growing Free From Categories

Leading Vegan Food Producers are exhibiting since previous editions like Dr. Goerg, Delicious Alchemy, Dialcos, Bauckhof, Dhul, Tot D’Una, Van Diermen and many more...

Vegan Food Exhibitors are invited participating at the 7th European Free From Food Ingredients Exhibition covering all vegan food categories like Vega Snacks, Vega Bars, Vegan Sport Foods, Vegan Ingredient Alternatives, Gluten & Vegan Food Products, Vegan & Salt Free and Vegan Food Products. This upcoming May more than 4.000 Retail buyers will visit over 300 exhibitors including the two conference programs with many Vegan key-note speakers!.

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Has Vegan got an image problem?

Hamish Renton HRA Company name: HRA

Conference Speaker Hamish Renton Associates:
I’ve been thinking a lot in recent weeks about the rise of the Vegan category, wandering the supermarket shelves and thinking through the rapid rise of Vegan products and brands. Vegan has clearly been the retail focus of the last six months with many UK supermarkets launching ranges across chilled grocery and food to go fixtures. Read more...

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